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        welcome to China Yong Tan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. official website! 中文 | EN Home | BookMark | Contact Us
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        Tel: 159-2067-7287 million
        Tel: 136-5005-9745 Mr. Wu
        E-mail: ytpogo@163.com
        QQ: 3005270755
        WeChat: 159-2067-7287
        Address: 5th Floor, Jinlong High-tech Industrial Park, No. 8 Xixing Street, Shatou Community, Changan, Dongguan, China

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        China Yong Tan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

        China Yong Tan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of connectors, mainly operating pogopin, pogopin connector, antenna thimble, spring ejector pin and all kinds of probes. It is the most competitive probe company in China. Products are widely used in various types of communications, audio-visual, digital code appliances (such as mobile phones, televisions, tablet computers, game consoles, learning machines, etc.), automotive electronics and computer peripheral products.

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